The company’s latest announcement came as a surprise. Mclaren. The well-known automaker has launched a new line of electric scooters with excellent design and features. So much so that it can be clearly said that he was inspired by the world of Formula 1.

specific model McLaren Series 1 and led the design team Richard Clarke is an F1 engineer. In other words, betting matters. Some of the options offered by this model include a very advanced folding system that allows the scooter chassis to be deposited almost effortlessly in a very small space made of the lightweight metal – magnesium – that makes up the weight of the scooter. product is too low 16.5 kilos.

In addition, it has reflective elements and quality powerful lights (some of them LED) that add to the attractiveness and also provide excellent safety. That’s all created byThe set provides excellent general lighting, ensuring that the driver is always visible. not missing information panel It is a place where all the details of this electric scooter are checked and you can also see information even about the step-by-step route.

Other good options from this McLaren

An example of these is that it can roam at maximum distance. 50 kilometers. It is not the best model on the market in this segment, but it is among the elite and at least in this case we are talking about unlimited driving. By the way, the braking system includes a load element that helps to increase the performance of the scooter here, as we are talking about KERS technology. Recharging the battery is completed in a few hours.

Top view of the McLaren Series 1 scooter


Other options that are positive are that the braking system includes the use of technology. disk, which ensures high precision at all speeds. It even includes a wireless connection to access a computer. application have smartphones for both iOS and Android; this allows you to monitor the wear of the scooter’s components and you can even use a warning system that notifies you when it detects a problem (such as an accident). , this is activated to be able to help quickly and without the driver having to do anything.

The arrival of this electric scooter

Currently, the manufacturer stated: next month There will be the moment when you can reserve the product we are talking about, but you have not specified the price it will have (and it is not specifically aimed at being cheap). If you are an F1 follower, yes, this model will definitely catch your attention as it will have great features that are kept secret for now – we are talking about power and speed, for example).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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