Good number announced in China in December 2022 Redmi brand accessories. Unfortunately, the usual thing is that these do not reach Europe, and if they do, the name is not the same – as Xiaomi decided to change it. However, from what is known, this will not apply to a case. most complete smartband and it could become one of the bestsellers this year.

We are talking about the Redmi Band 2, a model that is quite similar to the most advanced smart bracelets on the market. 1.47 inch screen (with an excellent brightness of 450 nits, by the way). Therefore, we are talking about a model that will be positioned among the possible purchases of the majority of users, because if the announced price in China is maintained (this change is about 25 euros), could become a benchmark in Europe.

Competition for Xiaomi? Yes, but no… The reason we say this is because it is true that the model we are talking about can take away the sales of the model that has been the leader in Spain for years, but it should not be forgotten that Redmi owns it. by the company we spoke to. so in the end, everything stays at home.

Some features of this Redmi Band 2

Apart from offering a screen with over 100 screens clock faces to start. The options available on this device are very interesting. So, for example, your autonomy reaches 14 days of use because the Redmi product -as its battery is 210mAh- does not have demanding hardware. In addition, it does not lack everything necessary to perform it. more than accurate tracking of physical activitysuch as the heart rate sensor and the possibility to even know the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Colors of Redmi Band 2 smart bracelet


Coming to Europe with enough Bluetooth connectivity to sync the accessory with both iOS and Android, the Redmi Band 2 will have 5-atm water protection and advanced functions such as controlling music playback or using the smart bracelet for smartphone. remotely take photo with cell phone. Come on, you won’t be short of anything.

Spotted in Italy for starters

This is what makes it clear that this model will reach almost every corner of Europe, including Spain. Redmi Band 2 detected Presence of declaration of conformity (this is necessary to be able to sell the trans-alpine country), so his arrival is imminent. Meanwhile, it cannot be ruled out that to increase the appeal, the green, blue, black, white and pink colors that this wearable is currently available in China have been increased.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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