A new version of the OpenCore utility has been released on GitHub, which allows you to install macOS Ventura on older and unsupported Macs.

OpenCore is delayed by the bootloader used for hackintosh (installing macOS on a PC).

To add support for macOS Ventura, the developers had to rewrite a lot of code, because on this network, Apple removed most of the drivers.

OpenCore allows you to install macOS Ventura on any Mac:

▪️ Macbook 2008-2016
▪️ Macbook Air 2009-2017
▪️ Macbook Pro 2008-2016
▪️ Mac mini 2009-2017
▪️ iMac 2007-2017
▪️ Mac Pro 2008-2013

The developers warn that, despite the official release, some features do not work after installing macOS Ventura. [9to5Mac]

Source: Iphones RU

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