Samsung published the teaser of a new one limited edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, its popular folding smartphone with clamshell form factor. Samsung has teamed up with a high fashion brand to create a deluxe edition of the phone.

At the moment, Samsung has published some images, including one with one of the most iconic accessories of the brand in question.

Samsung partners with Maison Margiela, Parisian high fashion brand. In one of the photos you can see the iconic ring with the numbers – from 1 to 12 – of the brand. In the other shot we see the shape of the phone in a brand new and elegant opaque white color.

We don’t know the details of the initiative yet: the Galaxy Z Flip 4 “Maison Margiela Edition” will be presented very soon, but we do not know the launch date or the price. It is reasonable to expect a much higher price tag than usual.

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All that’s left is to wait to find out more. We remind you that it is not Samsung’s first major collaboration: in the past, the manufacturer has collaborated with other fashion brands – such as … – and pop culture (including Pokémon) to create as many limited edition versions of its flagship phones as possible. .

Source: Lega Nerd

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