They create an iPhone with two ports (Lightning and USB-C) and it’s terrible

Someone added a USB-C port to the iPhone in the worst possible way: keeping the Lightning port.

Pretty groundbreaking idea to bring the USB-C port to iPhone

Anyone have a happy idea? Add a UBC-C port to iPhone, but in this case not in the way we have seen in previous cases, this time it has decided not to eliminate the Lightning port. And the result is a disgusting iPhone with two different ports and fully functional.

iPhones have been faithful to Lightning for over 10 years, but many users wish they had a USB-C port. This is something that definitely looks like it will come with the iPhone 15, but before that happens, there are those who managed to get it to work first.

An iPhone with two ports that no one would want

A Korean engineer uploaded the process he followed on his YouTube channel. add a second USB-C port to an iPhone. This port is usually located just to the right of the Lightning port where the speaker is located. He had to replace a large number of internal pips as well as drilling a new hole in the instrument case.

this is the best both ports are fully functional, to be able to charge the device without any problems. It would also allow wired headphones to be connected to one port while charging the iPhone through the other port. Something not possible without adapters as Apple removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

Hopefully this doesn’t give Apple an idea of ​​what to do with the iPhone 15. Let’s remember this. back then the original iPad would have two charging portsone on each side, but Steve Jobs made sure that never happened.

While European Union legislation will force all smartphones sold on the old continent to use the same USB Type-C charging port, it says nothing about having a second alternative port. However, Apple’s Completely unplug the iPhone’s charging portWe doubt that they will take such a step.

After years of waiting, it looks like the iPhone will have USB-C, but it won’t be like this one. Still, people’s creativity is still intriguing when it comes to modifying an iPhone to add improvements like the “iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra” with more battery and cooling.

Source: i Padizate

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