If the design of the new OnePlus 11 seems dull or no different than other smartphones from its competitors, wait until you see the new variant that the company will officially launch on February 27th. The Asian firm, in particular, will announce during the Mobile World Congress in 2023. OnePlus 11 concept, a version of its current flagship that stands out for having a rear panel with LED strips. Yes, in pure Nothing Phone (1) style.

OnePlus calls this LED strip “pipes” and claims that the smartphone “has its own series of blood vessels.” Although in reality These are LED strips that glow in a bluish color and are located between the body and the glass cover.. These lights go along the entire contour of the photomodule, as well as at the back, where it makes a kind of zigzag.

It is not clear if the LED is constantly on when the user unlocks the device. Or if instead, and just like a non-phone phone (1), the stripes will light up with a certain action. For example, when receiving a call or when charging the terminal. We reiterate that OnePlus will officially announce this during MWC 2023. Therefore, at least for the moment, we will have to content ourselves with the images and product brief that the company has shared (via edge) as a preview.

“The images show off the engineering feats of the OnePlus 11 concept, highlighting the icy blue border that runs across the back of the phone, as if the OnePlus 11 concept has its own series of blood vessels. The pipelines of the OnePlus 11 Concept are encased in a bold and futuristic all-glass design inspired by the serene silence and immense power of a glacial lake.”

OnePlus on the OnePlus 11 concept.

The new OnePlus 11 concept is a clear inspiration for the Nothing phone (1)

The most curious thing about the OnePlus 11 concept, which will retain the features of the regular OnePlus 11, is not only the LED strip on the back. It is the fact that the company it seems to have been inspired by the Nothing mobile app. A company that, oddly enough, was created by Carl Pei, who was also one of the founders of OnePlus.

In any case, it seems that OnePlus’ goal with this OnePlus 11 is to offer users smartphone with gaming design line, according to their new products. Recall that a few weeks ago the brand announced its first mechanical keyboard. the ideal peripheral for dual monitors that were launched a few months ago and show that the company is moving into a new product category.

Source: Hiper Textual

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