More than 40 years after the movie was released Foreign (1979) The Pixel series is a victim among smartphones. Google Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 6 and 6a smartphones crash and go into forced reboot while a certain clip from the Ridley Scott thriller is playing in 4K HDR on the YouTube app.

To date, the specific cause of the error has not yet been identified. Also, there are no reports on whether devices other than Google’s high-end smartphones are also affected.

it was a joke

The clip, which turned out to be harmless, began to be used as a joke among friends. Many devices are configured to open YouTube videos directly in the app instead of the browser.

By simply defining it as a movie clip, users start watching the scene in the official app. After a few seconds, the smartphones automatically freeze and restart, even before the horror that ended the scene in question.

Some reports even claim that smartphones temporarily lost data and Wi-Fi connectivity after the error. In these cases, a user-triggered reboot should fix the problem.

Source: Tec Mundo

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