“It’s been 84 years,” the old woman began to say Rose in one of the scenes titanic What other memes caused. In it, a woman begins her dissertation when asked about heart of the sea, the jewel with which he appears in the portrait, is buried among the remains of a shipwreck. This titanic necklace it is nothing more than a fictional gem, a figment of the imagination of screenwriters James Cameron. Recently, however, the discovery of a real necklace, buried in a hodgepodge of iron and mud, has become what was once advertised as an unsinkable ship.

This is a real Titanic necklace. golden gem with suspension formed megalodon tusk, an ancient giant shark, now extinct. At one time, and even now, it must have cost a huge amount of money, so it belonged to one of the first-class passengers. However, there is no information about who it could belong to.

For this reason, those responsible for its discovery, made possible by the current progress underwater navigation technologiesthey hope they can use artificial intelligence to find this man and return the Titanic necklace to their descendants.

Discovery of the real Titanic necklace

Magellan is a deep sea charting company in various regions of the world, including Titanic shipwrecklocated in the Atlantic Ocean, about 685 km from the island of Newfoundland, Canada.

More than 700,000 digital scans resolution, the analysis of which led to a surprising conclusion. A particularly striking gem was buried among the wreckage of an ocean liner.

The first thought that comes to mind when we look at the jewel is why they didn’t remove the Titanic’s necklace from the shipwreck. However, at the moment they cannot. There is a provision according to which the public cannot extract any items from the wreckage. However, Magellan hopes that an exception can be made with this gem so that it can be returned to its owners.

It is clear that these are no longer alive. We must not forget that the flooding occurred in April 1912. However, they were able to find their descendants.

Interesting use of artificial intelligence

To search for possible owners of the Titanic necklace, Magellan’s technicians have artificial intelligence. An image tracking algorithm can analyze preserved photographs of people who boarded the ship in search of the wearer.

In the film, it was the pencil drawing that revealed the existence of the gem and its owner. Now we have a jewel, but we don’t have enough images. Technology has advanced much further than when the film was made. And this is real life, but who knows? Perhaps there is also a beautiful love story behind the Titanic necklace, and this time it really has a happy ending.

Source: Hiper Textual

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