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Google Street View turns 15 and celebrates with new features and cameras


Function Google Maps Street View was created 15 years ago and has since added over 220 billion Street View images from over 100 countries and territories.

Who has not used this application at least once in their life to find their home or find a characteristic point in a country far from us? There were even games like Geoguessr, which through this function gave us an image and we had to navigate the road and thus find out where we were sent.

Well, on the occasion of this great holiday, the company has announced updates that include a feature in their iOS and Android apps that will display historical Street View images right on your phone. Google also introduces A new camera that is more portable and easier to capture high-quality images in more places.

Let’s go in parts. As for the new functionality, it should be noted that it has already existed since 2014 for the desktop application. Now Google has decided that iOS and Android have the same ability to access historical images of a place.

“When you view images of a place in Street View, click anywhere in the photo to see information about the place. Then click “View Other Dates” to see the historical images of the site that we have published, which date back to when Street View was launched in 2007″explain online.

It should be noted that this new feature, logically, does not apply to any site. The example that Google gives us and which we leave above is a ship at Hudson Yards in New York. Street View first launched in New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Denver, and Miami, so those locations will have the oldest historical data.

On the other hand, we have new cameras that Google is going to use from 2023. receive more frequent updates and that they can be installed on any type of vehicle. However, they want to get pictures of small photographic places, such as the Amazon jungle.

In addition, these new cameras will be customizable, which means they will be tailored to the needs and location of the moment. According to Google, the new camera can be seen in corporate colors next to cars in Street View.

Finally, note that Google has added 4 new image collections, including: Meroe Pyramids in Sudan, Milan Cathedral, Les Invalides in Paris, and Sydney Ferries in Australia.

Source: Computer Hoy

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