Microsoft has confirmed to Windows Central that it plans to bring Xbox content to users on a more modest budget. With Project Keystone, you should be able to use Xbox Cloud Gaming on any TV or monitor without needing a console.

In early March, Project Keystone was spotted on an Xbox OS listing.

A spokesperson reported that they were not happy with the current iteration of the device, without providing specific details. Based on what they’ve learned, the team wants to focus their efforts on a new approach, which means this solution will take some time.

There’s been talk for a while about an Xbox colored USB stick or small set-top box. Almost exactly a year ago, some images surfaced on 4chan showing a compact device with four connectors. It is unclear whether this is the aforementioned iteration.

Resources: Windows Center, Elrond Gaming (Twitter)Tero Alhonen (Twitter)

Source: Hardware Info

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