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Home Tech They create resin for 3D printers 30 times faster than today’s printers.

They create resin for 3D printers 30 times faster than today’s printers.


A group of scientists from the EPDL (Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne) in Switzerland developed new technology and material this would allow 3D printing with minimal production time while maintaining an unexpected level of precision.

For this they used resin called “light curing” this along with some modifications to the 3D printer which provides light beams that intersect with this material in order to harden and thus obtain a high precision 3D print.

And it is that this new technology is accompanied by this resin managed to reduce the production time of these 3D products up to 30 timesthus obtaining an imprint equal to or more efficient than additive printing in record time.

5 years ago this group of scientists developed a lightweight technology that allows the desired areas of the resin to be curedto be able to shape it, and that they have already managed to improve, thus avoiding the process of creating objects layer by layer, which is used by conventional 3D printers.


High speed and precise 3D polymer resin

This technology works like this: resin is placed in a container and with this light technology, the resin is illuminated in the areas that we want to change, and once it reaches a certain temperature, it starts to take shape.

In this way the result can be equal and sometimes even superior to the material used todayand since it’s just based on lighting the areas we want to change we save a lot of timeas modern printers print in layers.

The problem with printing in layers is that when creating certain types of prints with a certain structure, there are usually problems if we want blank areas on it, which can cause us various problems when it comes to printing.

this resin Being itself a solid body, it would not have this problem.providing greater consistency and thus the ability to create sharper 3D shapes.

From this school, we are told that they decided to do a comparison test with a conventional printer, printing a figure of Yoda, a mythical character from Star Wars, that’s all.

Impression using conventional technology, it took about 10 minutesnormal, while with this resin and its new technology they have achieved an equally detailed impression in only 30 secondstime is more than impressive, honestly.

Source: Computer Hoy

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