Yesterday, some alleged problems in the production chain of the next-generation iPhone were pushed. In this case, some sources had claimed that not all four new iPhone 14 would be available at launch and that theiPhone 14 Max he probably would have suffered significant delay

But let’s take a step back: Just like the last two years, Apple will present four new iPhones 14 in September. The difference is that this year the iPhone Mini line is abandoned, in favor of a diametrically opposite approach. This year there will be two ‘Max’ versions: an iPhone 14 Max and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the former being an absolute novelty. For the first time, the entry-level model also gets a version with a 6.69-inch screen.

Returning to the doubt born yesterday: will the iPhone 14 Max be put up for sale together with the other three smartphones? It seems like. The well-known – and basically well-informed – analyst claims this Ming-Chi Kuoor, while he talks about some issues, claims that Apple has the situation completely under control. Exceptional services and hiring enable Asian suppliers to meet the schedule perfectly, so that the full availability of the iPhone 14 Max right away. All that’s left is to wait the next few weeks to learn more.

Source: Lega Nerd

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