AMD’s upcoming Radeon RX 7000 graphics cards may support displayport 2.0. Twitter user @Kepler_L2 Discovered a Linux patch that adds UHBR 20 efficiency to the AMD driver. Therefore, video cards will be able to offer resolutions up to 16k.

UHBR (Ultra High Bitrate) indicates the maximum throughput per strip. With UHBR 20 reaching 20 Gbit/s per lane. There are 4 lanes for video/audio, so a total of 80 Gbit/s. The ultimate speed achievable with Displayport 2.0 is just below this: 77.37 Gbit/s. This is enough for 16k resolution (with HDR and Stream Compression) or 10k resolution without HDR and compression. Other possible configurations are 2x 8k (120 Hz, hdr, DSC), 2x 4k (144 Hz, no compression) or 3x 10k (60 Hz, hdr, DSC).

Although there are no monitors or TVs using the standard yet, there are currently no video cards that support displayport 2.0. 8K TVs now use HDMI 2.1 with 48 Gbit/s bandwidth.


Source: Hardware Info

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