Authorities are trying to prove whether such fraud is possible with a locked device!

One woman reported Losing your Apple Watch at a Disney attraction on April 13 of that year. But this time the news is not about the successful recovery of the device, a fraud claim triggered by this event.

When would a fun-filled day end at Disney’s Epcot park? a user lost his Apple Watch model Hermes, at a time when the lure is in a high position. Now, the attraction’s administrators informed him that the device would be recovered and as he descended from it he came back, but this never happened.

Due to the lack of response, the user, whose identity is unknown, filed a complaint with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, claiming that park staff never returned the Apple Watch. Added to this complaint is the accusation of unauthorized payments of $40,000 from several of his credit cards.made with some information obtained from the watch.

Disney trip with no happy ending

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A woman loses her Apple Watch at Disney and denounces a major scam

As reported by Apple Insider, following the complaint, authorities asked the woman to speak to her card issuers to learn more about the fraud charges for a full investigation.

To date and although the details of the information have not been shared, there is reason to believe that both cases are not related. And exactly One of the Apple Watch’s security measures includes auto-locking after leaving the wrist.. And as a result, the introduction of a code for re-access before paying.

A story with a protagonist in the passage An iPhone lost in one of the lakes of one of the Disney attractions did bettereight months later when the lost property department contacted the owner for a return.

However, this case is still unsolved and both the Apple Watch and a large amount of money are sued by the victim. Therefore, and although getting the money back requires further investigation, When it comes to the Apple Watch, the park is likely to take on its comeback.

Source: i Padizate

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