A petition promoted by users asks that Twitch removes unregulated gambling Today, Twitch’s policy allows you to broadcast gambling-related content, which is also one of the most followed topics on the site. There are three different sections: slot machines, poker and live casino

Just connect at any time of the day to see the live broadcasts of hundreds of streamers who want to wager real money at the Blackjack table, or in one of the many interactive casino games: there is the wheel of fortune in Monopoly version, with the man in the hat moves between the boxes every time a new bonus pops up. There’s also a game with the same mechanics as Your Business, and then the hugely popular one crazy timeswhich promises huge wins with its thousand multipliers.

As a result, watching people play has an almost hypnotic effect. We celebrate with the streamer when he breaks down, while when he despairs at having lost everything a purifying mechanism comes into play. pure glee

And the huge losses at the gambling bank have become the subject of much debate, both in America and Italy. In the US, well-known streamer xQc admitted to losing millions of dollars playing online. And in Italy there is no shortage of similar cases, with very young streamers now clearly victims of ludopathy

And this is the visible part. On the other side of the screen are thousands of spectators, often very young. The risk is that they decide to match their favorites.

This is where the petition begins, which is not addressed to the site, but to the Twitch Advertisers

Your Twitch ads will appear during broadcasts from streamers promoting unregulated online casinos. These broadcasts are especially harmful to younger viewers and ethnic minorities. We need you to put an end to live casino shows on Twitch.

The petition specifically calls on advertisers to boycott Twitch until clear action is taken against unregulated casinos. The petition mentions casinos with cryptocurrency payments, which often (read always) operate without authorization and in violation of national law. For starters, they almost never have ID card controls in place. Anyone can create an account in minutes, including minors. “Streamers are stealing millions of dollars from illegal casinos,” reads the petition, which then points the finger at Amazon’s platform. “Twitch has the power to intervene, but he has chosen to be an accomplice.”

At the time of writing this news, the petition has nearly reached its first goal: 1,500 signatures. It will probably take a little more to stir the water.

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Source: Lega Nerd

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