Humans are not the only ones going through hard times in this 2023 full of heat waves. Our pets are suffering too. And the worst thing is that they can’t complain when they feel bad, so it’s up to us to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible. fresh possibly, and watch out if at any time they begin to have warning symptoms. Both dogs and cats they get stressed if we overuse the air conditioning in the rooms we share with them. Therefore, it is advisable to resort to such tricks as cooling blankets.

These are rugs made from a fabric that produces feeling coldespecially when the animal is on top. There is a wide variety of sizes available for both dogs and cats and they are a very good option to help them get through the heat unnecessarily. air conditioning or fans.

In this way, in addition, we will avoid other traditional tricks such as cut their hair almost to zero. This is a bad idea, as hair is your natural defense against the sun’s rays. Cooling blankets are a much more useful solution that also does not require a large investment.

How do cooling blankets work?

Cooling blankets are very helpful in protecting our dogs and cats from the heat. But, in addition, they are very striking in that they cool them, despite the external heat, simply by lying on them.

This is possible thanks to the gel, which, when applied pressure test on it endothermic reaction. That is, when the animal lies down on top and applies pressure, a chemical reaction takes place, which need warmth. And where does the heat come from? Indeed, from our furry friend.

It is removed from the animal’s body to lower its temperature from 5 to 10ºC. In situations like the heatwaves that we are experiencing around the world, including in the southern hemisphere, this can help them avoid any dangerous situation for their health.

If we usually give them walks in the sun or take them to the beach, it is also advisable that we buy them sunscreen. Credit: Josh Duncan (Unsplash)

Other products to protect dogs and cats from the heat

Cooling blankets are not the only product we need to know to protect our pets from the heat. For example, if we usually go to the beach with them or walk for a long time walks in the sunmaybe you should buy them sunscreen.

Their skin burns just like ours, and they can develop as well. melanoma. Hair serves as protection, but in the most exposed places, such as the ears or stomach, it can be burned. The sunscreen we use is not worth it because it contains ingredients that are completely safe for us, but very toxic to dogs. Therefore, in these cases it will be necessary to buy a specific one.

Another product that may be needed in the summer if we have dogs is leg protectors. The earth gets very hot under the influence of the sun, and they don’t realize they’re on fire until they’re injured.

For this reason, walking on asphalt, tile, cement or sand floors during the middle hours of the day should be avoided. The problem is that this is not always possible to avoid, so you can buy knee pads. They do not like to wear them for too long and may try to take them off, but if they hold out at the right time of the walk, we will avoid a greater evil. For catsUnlike cooling blankets, there are no protectors for your pads, but simply because you do not need them. Cats must be at home. They are invasive animals, born hunters, and should always be in our homes so they don’t need to protect their pads. They have enough coolness and shelter.

It doesn’t matter if they are dogs or cats. For them, as for us, prevention is always better than cure.

Source: Hiper Textual

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