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Saturday, June 22, 2024
Home Tech Very expensive breakdowns due to highway driving too slow to save gas.

Very expensive breakdowns due to highway driving too slow to save gas.


We all know how expensive petrol and diesel are. This is something we have never seen, exceeding 2 euros at many gas stations. Who was going to tell us when, at the height of the pandemic, the price of these fuels did not exceed 90 cents.

Unfortunately, life goes on and according to this year 2022, that means life is more expensive than it was a few months ago. The CPI is skyrocketing, electricity and gas are skyrocketing, and fuel is always going up, no matter how much 20 cents they try to help us.

This has forced drivers to start changing their driving habits. And the acceleration that we used to set at the entrance to the highway is now a small acceleration to reach the specified speed. If the road is 120 km/h, it’s better to go 110 to save money, right?


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While it is true that at lower speeds and lower RPMs, vehicles consume less, driving the car at very low turns can lead to various breakdowns. And not cheap, as our Autobild colleagues remind us.

The trick with slow fuel consumption can lead to the death of car components, as we have already said. And these are some of the breakdowns that we can experience when the car is almost idling.

Damage caused by driving too slowly

The element that all ballots must break due to this driving habit is the particulate filter.. When driving at medium or low speed, combustion produces more soot than usual and does not burn.

The soot enters the filter, which traps it so that it does not escape, and the accumulation increases, due to which the system automatically regenerates periodically, subject to more wear and tear and causing failures. The arrangement can be €2,000.

EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) It is responsible for the recycling of gases and its function is to reduce pollutant emissions, especially NOx. It is present in all new diesel engines and is increasingly found in gasoline engines.

His job is simple: redirects some of the exhaust gases back to the combustion chamber, burning them, thereby reducing emissions and helping to cool the engine.

The problem is that if you drive at a speed of 100 km / h, in high gear and at low speeds, combustion is not as efficient and, again, accumulation can block it.

If this happens, it does not mean that it is a cheap visit to the workshop: can reach more than 500 eurosalthough the price varies depending on how easy it is to access for disassembly and replacement.

And finally, we have the turbo. The turbine can fail for various reasons, including carbon deposits, something that will force it to be cleaned or even replaced because it will break. This breakdown is several thousand euros.

Source: Computer Hoy

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