AMD alleges that Realtek Semiconductor and TCL Industries Holdings infringed on five of its patents. The Radeon manufacturer filed a complaint with the company. International Trade Commission Initiates an investigation into the United States of America (USITC). It relates to patents on graphics systems.

For example, TCL TVs and/or TVs with certain Realtek components use technologies from AMD and ATI Technologies. AMD acquired ATI Technologies in 2006. The Red camp demands that the sale of the products in question be stopped.

Patents cover texture compression, a multi-threaded graphics rendering system, a graphics architecture. combined shader, a way to synchronize thread data and a system for properly handling tasks asynchronously.

USITC will now begin building the investigation, which will begin with a hearing to establish evidence of the violation. The competent authority will give a deadline of 45 days for the investigation to be completed.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

Source: Hardware Info

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