An American company wants to use gods taser-armed drones to neutralize the massacres and resolve the state of emergency of mass school shootings. axon is the American company that invented the TASER, the most widely used electric pistols in the world. There was also discussion in Italy about the possibility of arming the security forces with the non-lethal weapons of the Axon.

The company wants the government to make one surveillance network comparable to fire infrastructure. “There are 10 million fire hydrants in the US,” said Rick Smith, Axon CEO. Hence the idea of ​​creating an equally widespread system to monitor in real time massacres and shorten intervention times. Smith argues that such a system would have similar costs to fire safety measures.

“Such a system would be able to prevent, identify and deter” mass shootings within schools and in public places,” emphasizes Rick Smith.

And then me drones and robots to protect law enforcement from the risk of losing life during human clashes. Axon proposes to use drones armed with TASER guns, able to get close to the terrorist and then neutralize him without exposing the police to unnecessary danger. Rick Smith stressed the importance of not using AI-powered automated systems for this purpose: “it is essential that drones are always controlled by a real police officer,” he added.

Source: Lega Nerd

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