Via eBay, Apple fans can bid on a very rare Apple 1 signed by none other than Apple co-founder and PC grandfather Steve “Woz” Wozniak. There is currently more than 100,000 Euros on the table, but the final amount is expected to be around 450,000 Euros. And that’s for a largely original 8-bit desktop from 1976. The object, on the other hand, is part of important Apple history.

Apple 1 was the first commercial product of today’s huge technology company. A few hundred units were produced, but later customers were motivated to buy Apple IIs and trade in the Apple 1. All exchanged models were destroyed, making computers extremely rare today. It is estimated that only a few dozen Apple 1s remain.

This particular model, the Schlumberger 2 (named after the company that bought some of the Apple 1s), was put together to make it work as authentically and accurately as possible. It works, so the value increases significantly. The signature makes the object more attractive to collectors. The auction will run for a few more days until Sunday, June 12.

Sources: eBay via MacRumors

Source: Hardware Info

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