Recently the Chinese company Insta360 Sent two cameras into low Earth orbit to capture incredible 360-degree images of our planet. Called Insta360 One X2, the cameras can also take incredible photos of stars and the Milky Way; According to the company, the project is a global innovation.

The cameras were sent to a satellite on January 16, 2023 and managed to face many problems such as extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations and cosmic radiation. Despite failures caused by extreme space weather conditions, Insta360 has modified cameras to be able to survive and thus capture all the beauty of space.

Before shipping them, the development team ran tests in a weather balloon about 26 kilometers into the stratosphere. where machines withstand temperatures between -70 and 50 degrees Celsius. According to the company, this is the first action camera with 360-degree functionality that remains fully exposed in space; therefore he was able to capture incredible images of the Earth.

“Ground control for Insta360. On a satellite floating 500 km into space, two Insta360 X2 cameras orbit the Earth, capturing 360-degree images of the stars and our planet. Launched on January 16, 2023, Insta360 dares to think bolder than ever,” Insta360 posted on X (formerly Twitter).

360 degree space photos

Insta360 has partnered with companies Media Storm and Spacety to produce ultra-durable cameras. made adaptations to the lenses, motherboards and structures of the machines; for example, they covered them with gold leaf to act as a kind of shield against radiation. The satellite on which the cameras are installed should be operational until mid-2026; At the end of this period, it will leave Earth’s orbit and ‘evaporate’ during re-entry into the planet.

The first images released by Insta360 include incredible views of Earth, but the company says it also plans to photograph the Milky Way. 360-degree cameras complete an Earth orbit every 90 minutes and deliver photos and videos of up to 5.7K quality. As the company explains, the machines can be purchased by the public for around US$300 (about R$1,470 at current prices).

“The project relies on a good dose of luck as well as hard work. Space can be unpredictable and there is no backup hardware or software in case the camera encounters any problems. Fortunately, both the cameras and their sensors are still fully functional and the space can be used,” the company said in an official statement. He explained that for the first time, a 360 action camera reached space and opened new horizons for Insta360.

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