Since ancient times, We see in the Cosmos a window full of endless wonders that invite us to explore the limits of our imagination and knowledge.. As we go about our daily routines, we sometimes find ourselves contemplating the grand scheme of things. Are we alone in the universe? If there are other civilizations, where are they? Will they be similar to ours or completely different?

Although we tend to think of ourselves as part of a relatively advanced civilization, in the cosmic context we are just born.

One of the most interesting theoretical models for understanding The measure of a civilization’s progress on a cosmic scale is called the Kardashev Scale..

It was developed by Soviet astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev in 1964 at the height of the Cold War. this scale classifies hypothetical civilizations existing in the Universe It depends on your energy consumption, technological development and your ability to use the resources available in your environment.

It is a tool Serving as an indicator of technological evolution and – in its newest parameterization – offers indices ranging from Type 0 to Type 7; 0 is the most basic level, corresponding to the beginning of energetic and technological manipulation, and level 7 is the top of the scale, the concepts of which are located below. Science fiction field.

Kardashev’s 7 cosmic civilizations

According to the cosmic scales developed by Nikolai Kardashev, each type of civilization is exponentially more advanced and influential than the other. Discover its main features below.

Type 0 Civilization

For example, a Type 0 civilization is a civilization that has not yet managed to benefit from all the energy resources of its planet. It is the current classification of humanity on Earth, with an index estimated at 0.72..

Type 1 Civilization

A. A Type 1 civilization would, in theory, already have reached planetary development status; Capable of harnessing all of your planet’s energy sources, including solar, thermal, hydroelectric, wind and more.

A civilization in this category can more accurately predict and even control natural events such as earthquakes, storms, and volcanic activity.

Type 2 Civilization

A Type 2 civilization can achieve star-level development by controlling and manipulating the energy production of its host star.

This civilization could do this through technologies such as the Dyson Sphere, a hypothetical megastructure that would completely surround the star, harnessing its energy for useful applications.

Representation of the Dyson Sphere.

Type 3 Civilization

A Type 3 civilization would have the capacity to colonize and exploit the energy resources of an entire galaxy, overcoming the limitations imposed by vast distances in space. At this point, hypotheses point to civilizations of post-biological cybernetic beings.

These would be worlds with robots could build Dyson spheres across the galaxyHe uses repulsive methods unimaginable today to cross the cosmos.

Type 4 Civilization

A Type 4 civilization would be a civilization of the universal category, capable of manipulating the energy production of multiple galaxies by harnessing the immense energy produced by the supermassive black holes at the centers of these systems. Such a civilization would fully understand the cosmic fabric of space-time.

Representation of an advanced civilization.

Type 5 and 6 Civilizations

If it is already difficult to imagine civilizations in these categories, from this point on it becomes practically impossible. A Type 5 civilization will be multiverse, capable of transcending individual galaxies and the boundaries of our own Universe.accessing the energy of more than one universe, assuming of course that these exist).

A Type 6 civilization will be multiversal: At this level, civilizations will manipulate and control the energy of all universes within the multiverse.

Type 7 Civilization

Finally, Type 7 civilization would be equivalent to a cosmic godthe complete master of all existing physical processes, existing in a state completely beyond our understanding.

Artistic representation of humanoid beings.

Scientists and science fiction writers have made numerous references to the Kardashev scale for decades, praising and criticizing this system in equal measure. From a scientific perspective, These hypotheses are interesting mainly in terms of the possibility of detecting an extraterrestrial civilization.Because observations of megastructures in one corner of the galaxy or the Universe will be clear indicators of technological progress.

However, due to its relative simplicity and the fact that it considers the possibility of infinite growth as the measure of progress, the use of this tool in the field of astronomy research is extremely limited.

Kardashev Scale in all cases takes us on an astonishing, creative journey from our humble beginnings to the realm of cosmic dominationThe possibilities are as limitless as the Universe itself.

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