A month and a half after Phoenix Point’s official announcement, a Zen 4-based AMD APU from this product line also appeared online for the first time. Twitter user BenchLeaks discovered an eight-person engineering sample on the MilkyWay@home website that explores the Milky Way.

In this case the number of processors probably refers to the number of threads (8c/16t).

In addition to this alleged top model, Team Red will also have plans for a more affordable variant to match the ‘Little Phoenix’ name. For example, Moore’s Law is Dead reports that AMD is working on a humble Phoenix APU that should replace Valve’s Steam Deck’s Van Gogh chip.

Tom from MLID estimates that the faster clocked Zen 4 cores can deliver up to 50% higher CPU performance compared to its Zen 2-based predecessor, the integrated RDNA 3 GPU is said to be up to twice as powerful. These numbers are far from fixed, Valve could also opt for a longer battery life and therefore a lower speed gain.

It’s not expected until late 2023 or early 2024, as AMD is said to have started developing this compact version of Phoenix relatively late. Regular Phoenix laptop chips are expected to be unveiled at CES early next year.

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Source: Hardware Info

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