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Epic Games launches crossplay unification tool across platforms


Epic Games is known to everyone for the unattainable success achieved by the company thanks to Fornite, but this is not the only area where this developer is known.

Two years ago they officially launched the Epic Games Store, a game store where, like on other platforms such as Steam, you can get many games from different developers, not just from Epic Games. And it wasn’t bad at all, really.

That’s why the company noticed certain types of glitches and lack of features that would completely change the PC video game scene, and where they saw their biggest problem in stores.

And that’s exactly what Epic Games wants. we can see which friends are connected to the same video games as us, even if they have them in another app storeand for this they launched a crossplay that allows you to cure it.


PC Crossplay is Here Game Development Epic Online Services

Has it ever happened to you that you have a game on Steam and your friend has the same game on Epic Games, but you don’t know if he is connected or not? With this tool, this is solved, in addition to providing everything necessary to implement crossplay in the video game itself..

Fornite, Fall Guys or Rocket League are games from this company that already have crossplay across all platforms, and of course this has shown that the ability to play together people from different consoles and / or stores increases the number of users and their purchases.

That’s why Epic Games stands for ending the struggle between consoles once and for all. allow the buyer to choose their preferred platform or storewhich allows us to play with anyone to get the best video game experience and durability.

This tool fixes it, also adding the ability to send requests or invites to play no matter what console, platform or store you are using.and that would be great.

Epic is currently working with Steam to implement this but wants to work closely with stores, consoles, macOS and Linux to create a global and fully functional system and hopefully it will happen.

Source: Computer Hoy

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