Earthquake on the electricity market in Spain. Following price cuts from MG and Tesla, it is now Volkswagen that is sharply slashing the prices of its 100% electric vehicles in a bid to cut market share. And the emergence of some Chinese models, the hegemony of Tesla sales and the colossal expansion of MG are turning the market upside down. and this despite the considerable price of the car.

In response, Volkswagen has announced price cuts on all of its 100% electric models, with discounts approaching €8,000 on some models. And, they all have RRP discounts, meaning the aid can still be applied. Not just the brand’s own products, some of them are also included in MOVES assistance and even the personal income tax credits for electric vehicles, so the final price will be even lower.

All Volkswagen ID discounts

Volkswagen ID.4 1ST Max

Thus, the ID.3, the most economical model in the German manufacturer’s 100% electric vehicle range, reduces its price from 41,470 euros to 34,640 euros. ID.4, in turn, it remains at €43,460 and the ID.5 at €46,720.With. Again, all prices are MSRP, so dealer discounts (if any) must be added, as well as incentives offered by the government when purchasing an EV.

However, keep in mind that prices may vary depending on how you purchase your car. Either with financing from the brand itself, or with non-cash payment. Additionally, Volkswagen offers a lease-to-purchase option on many of its models, so if you’re interested in any of the IDs, you’ll want to check the specific terms of each one.

In total, we are talking about discounts that range from 6,830 euros for the ID.3, 8,085 euros for the ID.4 and 7,045 euros for the ID.5, which leaves many Volkswagen models very close to other economical 100% electric models. The two most popular cars, the MG 4 Electric, cost around €31,000 excluding assistance, but its price drops to around €18,000 if all assistance is provided; or BYD Dolphin: 35,690 euros without discounts and promotions and about 24,000 euros including assistance and discounts.

Will this be enough to attract new buyers to Volkswagen’s all-electric lineup?

Source: Hiper Textual

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