Usually trusted Twitter user kopite7some He emphasizes that lower retail prices should not be expected for Nvidia’s graphics cards to be released. This means that the minimum prices for the RTX 4070, 4080 and 4090 will be 520, 720 and 1,550 euros respectively.

Fortunately, there is more positive news for Lovelace GPUs in the form of expected GPU variants along with shader count and memory specs. These are slightly different from the figures mentioned above. The full chip contains 144 streaming multiprocessors, but not all of them are used simultaneously yet.

The RTX 4090 will have 128 active SMS with the AD102-300 with 16,384 fp32 shaders. The RTX 4080 gets 10,240 shaders on the AD103-300 and the AD104-275 and 4070 use 7,168 of the 7,680 available shaders. L2 cache is not specified, but is expected to increase greatly.

These figures are in line with initial rumours. The 4090 gets almost 50 percent more shader boost, the increase for the other two models is about 20 percent. TDPs are 450, 420 and 300 watts respectively, which is in line with expectations.

The top model gets 24 gigabytes gddr6x at 21 gigabits per second over a 384-bit bus, as mentioned earlier. It’s not entirely clear yet for the RTX 4080, the bus is at least 256 bits wide. It’s possible that Nvidia could save some cost by putting 16GB gddr6 at 18Gb/s. 4070 gets 10GB of gddr6 over 160 bits; this is relatively low compared to the other two models and the aforementioned 192 bit and 12 GB numbers.

The GeForce RTX 4090 will be released in September, the RTX 4080 in October, and the 4070 in November.

Source: PC Games Hardware

Source: Hardware Info

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