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They share one of the most horrific and shocking photographs in the history of NASA and spacewalks.


Cosmos has long been one of the greatest obsessions and at the same time a mystery of man, who saw in it something so unknown that it tempts.

There have been many flights into space where we can commemorate the first time we set foot on the moon over 50 years ago, and where even today the feat can be celebrated as we may encounter the first female astronaut to travel to.

There have been many attempts to fly into space privately.and we were just talking about this just two days ago when we shared the story of SpaceShipOne, the first private spacecraft to go into space.

Although all these are feats of an incomparable nature, today, thanks to a Twitter account based on scientific phenomena, We’re about to show you an image of one of the most impressive and terrifying photographs taken since we’ve been in space..

In this photo we see astronaut Bruce McCandless, who, without any attachment to his space station decided to jump into the void to be the first person to move in it without insurance.

This term is known as “spacewalk”, which today and thanks to propulsion systems is easier to do. But our brave he dared to do it in 1984when the idea of ​​spacewalks barely existed.


NASA releases first 8K video taken from space

As we can see in the embedded tweet, McCandless is certainly far from his station, although he does carry a Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) with him to be able to move in an emergency. With him, the astronaut freely hovered a few meters from the shuttle.

NASA said another crew member aboard the Challenger photographed the first spacewalk with a 70mm camera. This photo was taken exactly on February 7, 1984..

A feat with great dignity, and this causes some horror, since a wrong step could end with the astronaut himself lost in the darkness without any possibility of help, which would be a disaster.

Source: Computer Hoy

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