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This is the exact speed at which DGT radars will jump this summer 2022.


Now that summer has arrived, DGT expects millions of trips on Spanish roads. This is normal, since our country has thousands of kilometers of coastline and people do not hesitate to go to the nearest silver to take a bath.

What if from Murcia to Galicia, what if from Madrid to Cadiz… the combinations are almost endless. That is why the General Directorate of Traffic is watching the roads with great suspicion this summer. The more radars and more controls, the fewer accidents. Or so they say from the management.

At this point, many drivers wonder about the true limit of speed cameras. Especially when it comes to motorways and motorways where the speed limit is 120 km/h. Does this mean that if we are driving at a speed of 121 km / h, then the radar jumps?


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We are going to explain this point, as there is a lot of confusion about this, mostly due to rumors and black legends that have been circulating in roadside bars and the darkest Internet forums for decades.

DGT now applies a gap before taking a photo to penalize drivers who like to press the accelerator pedal for speeding. According to a regulation issued in 2015, fixed and mobile radars are activated based on regulation 7.

This means that you always need to exceed the maximum speed by 7 km/h in order for the radar to jump. In other words, if the road is set to 100 km/h, the radar jumps 7 km/h more than set. This means that until we reach a speed of 107 km / h, the sensor will not work.

So now you know If you’re driving and doing 127 km/h on the highway/freeway this summer, chances are the radar will track you down without a second thought. Finally, remember that car speedometers tend to show a little more for the same reason: so as not to inadvertently go too far.

Source: Computer Hoy

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