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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Visibility

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Visibility


We agree that a LinkedIn profile is public, but it’s also true that a slight restriction on its visibility could mean it won’t show up any more than it should, and in places we don’t want it to at first, such as others. networks. .

The truth is that LinkedIn gives us the ability to protect our profile and be more selective about who can see it and who can search for it.

With the advice we’re about to give you below, you’ll be able to maintain whatever visibility we have on LinkedIn in a much more efficient way.

Customize the display mode

LinkedIn offers us several options for displaying the profile, being able to set certain rules in this regard.

The place where we have to enter to see all these options by clicking on to mein the dropdown click Settings and privacyafter in Visibility, for the last click on Visibility of your profile and your network.

Here we can ask that anyone who wants to communicate with us, send us your name and position before doing so.

We will also be able to hide our name and title to only show where we work or directly use private mode with it we can be anonymous on the web.

To change your profile view options, just click Change and choose the option we prefer. Of course, do not forget to click on Close when we completed it.

Who can view or download our email address

Depending on how we set up our privacy on LinkedIn, anyone can see our email address. This may result in receiving spam or being added to mailing lists.

Luckily, this can be changed and thus decide who may or may not see your email address.

To do this, we must return to Visibility As in the previous case, press Change per Who can see or download your email address.

At this point, we have to choose who can see it from the drop-down menu that appears, being able to bet from anyone, as long as we can’t watch that die. Now everyone can choose the option that suits him best.

Email Options on LinkedIn

Who can see our last name?

As usual, the first and last names are used to identify you online and so that anyone who knows them can access your information.

If we don’t want everyone to have access to our first and last name on LinkedIn, we have to.

Within Visibility you need to go to option Who can see your last names. In this case, you can choose how your name appears on LinkedIn.

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The first name will be full, but we can drop the last name and only display the first letter of the last name.

Even with this option enabled, anyone who searches for us using our full name will still be able to find our LinkedIn profile.

Preview of our public profile information

Anyone could see our profile if we showed up looking for something specific, for example. It is up to us how we present ourselves in the mentioned information.

If we want to see a preview of what our profile looks like, we must go to Edit your public profile, within Visibilitya place where we will not only see how it is at the moment, but also be able to change it if it does not convince us.

We have a large number of different options at our disposal for editing content, visibility, and even the LinkedIn URL.

Change your LinkedIn profile display

Control Visibility Beyond LinkedIn

If you weren’t aware, you should be aware that there are certain apps and services that may display information from our LinkedIn profile outside of this network.

This is another case of the amount of information we have about us on social media, that even in any search engine we appear with much more data than we sometimes like.

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If we do not want this to continue with our profile, we must go to Search and visibility of your profile outside of LinkedIn inside the settings menu Visibility.

At this time, we can remove the permission for services such as Outlook or selection tools so that they no longer display our profile. Only with uncheck yes what we see in the green button below would be worth it.

Find out about us using our email and phone number

You can find us on LinkedIn in several ways that we have already seen.

The most common is to use the person’s name to find them, but we can also use their email address or phone number.

Both cases can be deactivated so that we cannot be found in two ways, i.e. by email or by our phone number.

In the case of email, we must continue at Visibility as we have done so far. What you need to look for is the option where it says Discover profiles by email address.

Once we open this option, we will see a dropdown where we can limit this opening to 2nd degree contacts or Nobodyhaving default All.

In case we want to limit or deactivate the possibility that we can be found by our phone number without leaving Visibility We have to click on the option that says Opening questionnaires by phone number.

In the drop down list below we will have the same options as in the previous case i.e. 2nd Degree Contact, Nobody or All default.

LinkedIn profile phone number

Understandably, many people are looking to increase their LinkedIn contacts by looking for people who are connected to them, with the same type of work, or who can serve them in the future for professional relationships.

But there are times when we have everything LinkedIn so open that these searches may not be that “innocent” after all, and we want to limit our influence in this regard in order not to see ourselves with contacts that have nothing to do with our employment. or on mail lists we didn’t choose to be on.

That’s why it’s important to maintain visibility to the extent that we’re interested in, and that’s why we think this article will be of great help in this matter so that we can customize LinkedIn in the way we feel most comfortable with.

Source: Computer Hoy

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