The rewilde it is an approach to nature that has been gaining ground in recent years and requiring completely different approaches. It’s about recovery ecosystems healthy naturally through reintroduction of organisms (in
certain predators) that fill an ecological niche. Not only that: we also talk about
large grazers that can manage vegetation by remodeling the environment in a natural way
man cannot change easily.

The goal once these animals are reintroduced is to “let go” the environment and let it go
current organisms create a new one natural living environment Remember that over time many animal species do
they have become extinct or removed from context due to hunting, urbanization and change
climate that continues to cause all kinds of damage. The Rewilding project aims to revive them
species that still serve nature a lot, just think of wolves and beavers, indispensable animals for
restore the ecology of the areas in which they live.

An example to consider was Yellowstone National Park, where 41 wolves were reintroduced between 1995 and 1997: These large predators let the moose back into the park, allowing the willows to thrive again.
these branches, to survive forever.

Keeping nature in shape is something that is also good for man, both for his physical health and
mental; Rewilding was therefore born precisely with the aim of giving ourselves a better world.

Source: Lega Nerd

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