Despite the concerns of recent weeks, it appears that the collection of digital signatures it remains guaranteed. The Minister for Digital Transition recently spoke about the subject Vittorio Colaoafter hinting on July 8 that the new public platform for referenda will not allow the signing of the referendum questionsexcept that the authentication of the signatures should then have been done with traditional tools.

In short, the signatures collected online – by itself – would have been of no value. It would have been just a pre-accession, which would then have to be followed by a second signature to be authenticated in the classic election banquets or in communal, as is already the case.

A big step back from what was granted just a year ago, when more than 400,000 Italians were able to participate in the euthanasia referendum campaign from home, using the SPID through a portal created ad hoc by the government.

He risked skipping everything. After the government’s step back, the online signature collection platform would have had no impact, or perhaps even created a dangerous misunderstanding, leading voters to believe it would be enough to participate in referendum campaigns when this happened – so it seemed a few days – it wouldn’t be enough. More than a help, paradoxically it would have been a further complication.

Immediately after Colao’s statements,Luca Coscioni Association – who had been the main promoter of the initiatives for the two referendums on cannabis and the end of life – had mobilized and collected 40 thousand signatures in a few hours. All in all, saving the digitization of referendum campaigns had the desired effect.

On July 14, a delegation from the Luca Coscioni Association led by the deputy Riccardo Magic he met Minister Colao and got the reassurance he asked for: the minister confirmed that digital signature collection will take place as hoped. It suffices to subscribe the questions using the SPID, without the need for further analog verification. In September 2021, Italian citizens were able to sign an online referendum question for the first time on the occasion of the campaign for the referendum on legal euthanasia.

Despite obtaining the required signatures (indeed slightly more: 1.2 million signatures in a few days), the question was subsequently rejected by the Constitutional Court, along with the question of the legalization of cannabis, always promoted by, among others the Luca Coscioni Association.

Source: Lega Nerd

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