The creation of the first continuous time crystal represents a breakthrough in quantum substances. Discrete and continuous time crystals are structured by the form of translational symmetry of the time they break. Crystals have a regular structure of atoms oriented in all directions. This is called broken translational symmetry caused by changing rotations or motions.

Physics professor Frank Wilczek proposed his idea about the existence of particles moving in their quantum state. This movement is infinite in time, because it cannot release energy to the environment. In short, the atoms of a temporary crystal are repeated in time and space.

Wilczek made his proposal about what is called a continuous time crystal. However, others have
proposed a modified version called discrete time crystals. The last observed in the
2016 seems to have powerful applications in phone gyroscopes, quantum PCs and satellites.

Recently, the observation of the first crystal in continuous time has revealed an important novelty. Every time
that a crystal vibrates, but is unable to release its energy to the environment is called
“Moving without energy”. If discrete time crystals can be guided by
periodic external vibrations, then continuous time crystals can experience continuous unity.

dr. Hans Kessler from the University of Hamburg and his team did an experiment. It was
contain a condensate of Bose Einstein (BEC) of 50 thousand rubidium atoms in an optical resonator,
pumping with a laser. Above a certain pumping force, the BEC obtained arbitrary values ​​of
time phase. This is independent of where the waves are in the cycle. For simplification, the BEC has:
proved its ability to swing at its own pace, unaffected by external deformations.

Source: Lega Nerd

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