As expected recently, Apple would have decided to reduce headcount and costs for several parts of his business over the next year, as recently reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

According to the report in question, the company will not have to deal with changes that affect the entire team, and some will not have to deal with the consequences of this particular choice.

Some teams are therefore given a smaller budget for resources, recruitment and research and development than originally budgeted, at least in the 2023, with a stop on hiring from some departments and even layoffs. However, it is stated that the company should have an aggressive product schedule by 2023, including its own AR/VR headset talked about a lot.

This is certainly not the first company to propose such a solution, and indeed, according to what we know, over time we will face several companies that will decide to make such cuts in the course of 2023. especially for the technology sector, given a mediocre year in several respects.

Source: Lega Nerd

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