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Amazon condemns the creators of 10,000 Facebook groups for false reviews in Spain and other countries


E-commerce giant Amazon sells tens of millions of products. Most, through third-party stores.

There are product categories with thousands of different sellers and the competition is fierce. Many occasions, such as mobile cases, wireless headphones, fans, etc. products of different brands, very similar in function and price. How do customers differentiate between one and the other? By using reviews of users who bought the product.

For similar or unknown products, buyers trust the ratings and comments of those who bought them. and that’s where many third party stores and product manufacturers are trying to scam people.

There are sellers or manufacturers who contact customers who have purchased the product and They offer them a discount and even a product for free if they write a positive review.

In other cases create websites or Facebook groups where they “recruit” people who are willing to take money or receive free products in exchange for writing five-star reviews.

These are not isolated events. A few weeks ago, Amazon shut down three websites that 350,000 people wrote fake reviews.

Sometimes we wonder why in such cases their business is closed, but nothing is done about it. That is, they do not end with a complaint. Well, this time it seems to be.

As TechCruch reports via Business Insider, Amazon sues 10,000 Facebook group admins which were dedicated buy positive product reviews in exchange for money, discounts on goods or free products. Some of these groups even 40,000 users and they wrote to Amazon Spain and stores in 6 other countries.

Usually, in order not to arouse suspicion, the group’s own “customers” bought the product. Then they wrote a positive review, contacted the group administrator and received the agreed or discount. Another option was arrange a return of goodsso that Amazon does not suspect, and the customer leaves without returning.

When writing reviews, scammers used templates, but They changed things by hand to trick Amazon’s AI which tracks fake reviews.

Good news for Amazon customers who want honest product reviews so they can choose.

Source: Computer Hoy

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