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Higher efficiency and twice the power – that’s what Qualcomm’s new smartwatch processor promises.


Smartwatches are designed to be the perfect accessory for many wrists. Over the past few years, we have seen a huge increase in models produced by different companies.offering options for every pocket, need and, of course, preference.

Taking this into account, what happened in recent years processor manufacturers have invested in developing chips that can promise optimal performance for quite some time.. Qualcomm is one such processor maker that, while associated with phones, also makes products for other devices.

Today you could see everything this company has in terms of processors designed for smartwatches. But the announcement was almost imperceptible, since there is no trace of this new processor on the official website of the company.although fortunately Evan Blass he was quick to capture it all.


OnePlus watch unboxing

Using his profile on the social network of the little blue bird, the well-known leader of mobile devices, processors and, in truth, endless electronic technology, published all the details about the new processor that smartwatches will install from this year and until this processor is updated.

Qualcomm called this new processor, or rather processors such as Snapdragon W5+ Gen1 and Snapdragon W5 Gen1. The former is the company’s flagship and the latter is a more compact version, although both have interesting news in terms of performance and battery life.

What has been seen with these new processors is that, on a general level, the progress is quite large. Improved modem, Bluetooth, Caller ID coprocessor, RFEE and PMIC. In addition, they are endowed with more computing power. and hence the overall experience will be much better than what has been so far.

But what’s most striking is the promise of double the power performance, though There is also the fact that, according to Qualcomm, autonomy has been improved up to 50%.. Accordingly, the structure of this processor allows its size to be reduced, and therefore the space of the smart watch can be used more.

There is no watch yet to see one of these two processors, but it is expected that the offers of different companies will become known in the near future.. We’ll keep an eye on what happens in the near future and hopefully we can get a team to see if Qualcomm’s promises are kept.

Source: Computer Hoy

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