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Google gives up and the Play Store will bring alternative payment methods in Europe


The fight for alternative payment methods on the Google app store seems to be over, or at least it will be in the European Union. In an announcement made today by Mountain View, it was made clear that it would be possible to pay using the collection systems that the developers want..

This situation has been going on for a long time and, in fact, the battle with Epic Games lasted until it brought a bittersweet victory to the developer of games like Fortnite. There were several reasons why Epic Games decided to fight Google and its Play Store, although the most important was the commission charged on each payment..

It was this commission that caused a dispute between the video game developer and Google, and its inflated price caused complaints, to which new applications, services and games were later added. Google, after court permission, decided to launch a test program to see the work of external payments.


This is the new data security section of the Google Play Store.

Spotify was the service and app of choice for this test, which didn’t last long but seemed to give good results, and hence Google would be willing to give the rest of the content access to an external payment system. AS WELL ASSo yes, there is a certain trick to this as Google excludes some pretty important content..

Games are excluded from the new payment model coming to the Play Store. Let’s go to, Epic Games won’t be able to sing of victory just yet, as they will still have to use the payment model offered by Google. and hence the fees that have been applied so far will continue to apply.

What content can be chosen for the new payment system? Applications that logically are not games. This includes a large catalog of content as it can range from productivity apps to icon packs for device customization, or even utilities designed to improve day-to-day work.

It should also be made clear that apps that want to choose the new billing method can only offer it to people who are residents or members of the European Union. This is due to the fact that it was this political community that put pressure to apply this type of option in the Play Store.

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