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Shadow Six Typhoon, UTV with jet skis instead of wheels (video)


BUT UTV is a “universal vehicle” utility vehicle which stands out for its all-wheel drive, for moving through difficult terrain, and therefore usually has no doors. They are used when transporting goods or moving on snowy, slushy or unpaved areas.

Some confuse them with ATVs, classic ATVs, but they differ in that UTVs have handlebars instead of handlebars, more torque, and carry heavier loads, as manufacturer Corvus explains.

what if we take a UTV, remove the wheels and put two jet skis in their place? Well we get Shadow Six Typhoon, the world’s first AUV: water vehicle for useful tasks. You can see it in this video:


[CH] Shadow Six AUV

Technically, these are not two jet skis put directly on wheels, but engine and landing gear of a pair of jet aircraft adapted therefore they can be mounted on UTV axles.

The result is a unique car that, thanks to two Yamaha GP1800R SVHO engines with a capacity of 250 hp. can reach 129 km/h flies over the surface of the water.

From what you see in the video, this is an overly powerful vehicle, annoyingly noisy and too intrusive in its natural environment.

But it was made in Florida, and there are such freaks to cross the swamps, and make it clear to the crocodiles who is the boss there, they are clearly visible.

This model we saw is called the Typhoon, and it’s made from aerospace-grade titanium and carbon fiber. Despite this, it weighs 1073 kg, because most of it is provided by engines. Can carry 1 to 3 people.

Shadow Six AUV Typhoon It is only sold in Florida at Riva Racing for about $250,000, according to New Atlas.

Source: Computer Hoy

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