Ever since the first ever video game was released, various conservative movements have tried to demonize this form of entertainment. Ranging from the alleged aggression issues favored by video games to the potential for addiction, although the latter depends on many factors. However, in recent years it has been shown that this environment can have many positive effectslike the one we bring to you today.

A few days ago, we also told you how video games can help you find what you’re good at. Today we bring an answer that drinks straight from the game with high intensity. Of course, spending so many hours in front of a screen is unhealthy, but researchers have proven that, those who invest moderate time in them can see the benefits long term.

In particular, the researchers found the benefits of taking faster decision making, improved cognitive skills and improved reflexes players. They also believe that this discovery could help treat people with neurological disorders.

Benefits of Video Games in Cognitive Learning

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The study was conducted by scientists from the University of Georgia. led by researcher Mukesh Dhamal from the Institute of Neurology. According to Dhamal, “young people play video games for more than three hours a week, but the exact benefits of decision-making skills are not exactly known.”

That is why Dhamala has taken it upon herself to communicate these benefits to a wider audience. On the advice of the latter Timothy Jordan takes over authorship of a scientific publication where you can learn more about the study.

The study population was 47 people of student age. Among them, 28 regularly played video games, while the remaining 19 did not play at all. Similarly, those who dedicated time to this medium were selected to play first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, and games like battle royalee – how Fortnite—.

Research results

Participants were asked to press a series of buttons according to the direction the icons were moving on the screen. For those who already had experience of the game turned out to be faster and more accurate when performing movements. Using MRI, it was found that this activated certain parts of the brains of the participants.

All activated areas were parts of the brain involved in cognitive processing. These include the left thalamus, the right accessory motor area, and the right lingual gyrus.

These results indicate that playing video games can improve multiple streams of sensation, perception, and action assignment to improve decision making.

Mukesh Dhamala and Timothy Jordan for publishing

So how does it help people with neurological impairments? According to the results of the researchers, such training of the cognitive area will not be the only benefit. In addition, video games can serve therapy to enhance sensorimotor decision making.

In fact, Timothy Jordan can prove the benefits of this practice. At the age of five, one eye was weaker than the other. It was then that he was given the opportunity to take part in a study in which his “good” eye was closed. play video games using only the one that lagged behind. The reason was simple: to train the visual processing of a young man.

Luckily, the research paid off. Since then, Jordan was no longer considered blind legally speaking, enjoying good vision in both eyes. Of course, research is ongoing, but it seems that science is taking steps in the right direction by addressing this medium. Of course, don’t overdo it with the time you spend playing because it can be detrimental to your health.

Source: Hiper Textual

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