His name is sky cruise and it will be the largest aircraft ever seen in the world. So much so that it has been defined by many as the “Titanic of the sky”. It is powered by 20 nuclear fusion engines, designed to never return to planet Earth. Sky Cruise represents a great project with the function of cause a revolution the future world of the to travel. In particular the luxury holiday sector.

The goal is to make a flying hotel with a capacity of 5000 people on board. There will be all the luxury amenities including gourmet restaurants, a shopping center, nightclubs, theaters, a modern hospital and much more. How do you come up with a plane that doesn’t have to land even in the event of a breakdown? How do passengers get in and out? Passengers do this via classic scheduled flights, which travel daily.

In short, a floating ship that can keep flying for months and even years, fueled by commercial or private jets. With an air gap there is artificial intelligence to keep it stable at all times. Being on board the vehicle is like being suspended for days. Or like the thrill of seeing the spectacular lights of the Northern Lights in Iceland.

For Hashem Al-Ghaili, molecular biotechnologist, such as: project remains aambition currently. This is because the production costs are very high and the safety levels must be well defined and innate. It looks like a sci-fi movie project, but who knows, it might not come out one day. We just have to give the time to see if this project will see the light or will it remain a dream too big and impossible to achieve.

Source: Lega Nerd

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