The latest conference call devoted to Apple’s financial results reassured fans. The Newbies iPhone 14? They will probably come with perfect punctualitywithout hitches and delays whatsoever.

First it was the turn of the new iPhone 14 Max, the new line of new smartphones that – according to rumors – will make its debut in September for the first time. “There are issues with suppliers, it’s coming later than the other three iPhones,” a tipster had suggested. Then a more general problem with the main camera lenses of the new iPhones. “They don’t meet Apple’s quality standards, the company was forced to switch suppliers.” And here again an omen that something went wrong.

But apparently it would be quieter than we imagined. Two years ago, during a conference call dedicated to Q2 2020 financial performance, Tim Cook had made it clear to investors that the iPhone 12 launch would come with several issues.

But this week, the announcement of the results of the Q2 2022, both Tim Cook and Luca Maestri were silent. No reference to possible delays or hitches in the supply chain. If there had been issues, analysts say the issue would no doubt have surfaced during the conference call. The integrity of the company is at stake. Such information cannot be omitted.

A fortiori, there is currently no reason to doubt that Apple is able to stick to the usual timing. The launch of the new iPhone 14 is expected in the second week of September. All that’s left is to wait.

Source: Lega Nerd

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