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These Android Apps Are Tricking You To Steal Your Bank Money And You Should Remove Them Right Now


Over the course of several months, we have installed dozens and dozens of apps from app stores for our mobile device, apps that we often forget and some of which can even become malware gateways to your device.

And now, as security researchers at Trend Micro have discovered, a growing number of apps contain malware designed to harvest users’ banking information, including bank credentials, PINs, passwords, and any other information that serves to flush us out of a bank account.

The bad side of this malware is that it is even capable of intercepting text messages and controlling infected phones, bypassing any type of security such as two-factor authentication.


What is malware?

These are applications that are not malicious startup applications, but open the door for other malware to enter later. Thus, these are applications that initially go through the appropriate security measures, and until, after some time, they activate a malicious code that allows other scammers to penetrate.

These are all applications that you should remove immediately if you have them installed:


While Google has already removed them from their app store, it’s likely that you’ve installed them in recent months, so you should make sure you don’t have them.

If, unfortunately, you have found that any of these applications are installed on your Android device, if you are using banking applications on an affected device, change any PIN or password to access them.

Source: Computer Hoy

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