Carl Pei denies the rumours: but which one? Nothing Phone (1) Lite! It will never come true. But then again, would that really make sense?

Nowadays, the internet is pushing for a possible second smartphone from Nothing. Only a few weeks have passed since the launch of the Nothing Phone (1), but the machine of rumors and speculation had already started.

According to a tipster, Nothing would have worked on an even more accessible version of the smartphone. The Nothing Phone (1) Lite, a smartphone from mid-low range. Of the few sacrifices, the device would have done without the characteristic lighting system a LED mounted on the rear body. No small exemption, as this is the trademark of Nothing Phone (1).

For the rest, the features of the smartphone would have remained virtually unchanged: the same processor, RAM and a slightly larger battery thanks to the space left free by the lack of LEDs. All this for a price reduction of perhaps €100.

If that sounds far-fetched to you, you’re right. It would make little sense to launch a second smartphone that can be superimposed almost perfectly over the original Nothing Phone (1). In these hours it is Carl Peic that a spokesperson for Nothing categorically denied these rumors. At the moment, the company is not working on a ‘Lite’ smartphone.

Source: Lega Nerd

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