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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Home Tech Google Maps bug directs this car to a stream and miraculously saves...

Google Maps bug directs this car to a stream and miraculously saves her life


Technology isn’t going anywhere to make our lives much easier, and some of that technology is in apps that we can use at home, work, or university, or even in our car.

And one of the most used applications in our car is Google Maps, an application that allows us to guide us to our destination, and the problem is that there are people who blindly believe everything that the application tells them without questioning at all. nothing to drive their car into a dangerous stream to such an extent just because the application showed them the way.

And a driver in India carrying four people traveled from Ernakulam to Kumbanad and relied on Google Maps to find the best route to their destination, as millions of people around the world do.

The problem is that Google’s navigation app didn’t seem to have a good day, to the point that it lost the driver itself and ended up drowning the car in the flood.

And because of the strong current, the car quickly drowned in the stream, so all the passengers started screaming, hoping that someone would save them. Fortunately, local residents found out about the situation and rushed to the aid of all passengers, including a three-month-old girl.

Although many they blamed the situation on a small error in the algorithm and mapping data from Google Mapsthe truth is that the main responsibility lies with the driver, who must use common sense on the road.

From now on, you probably shouldn’t take absolutely everything your navigation app tells you for granted, especially if you’re in a place full of weeds and in the dark.

Source: Computer Hoy

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