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Germany blocks sales of OnePlus and OPPO phones due to Nokia complaint


If you live in Germany and are thinking about changing your mobile phone, we have bad news: you will have to rule out offers from OnePlus and OPPO. The reason is pretty simple both companies are prohibited from selling their mobile phones in the territory due to a lawsuit filed by Nokia..

Litigation between companies seems to be the order of the day, and in fact, today we have repeated the situation between Google and Sonos, which can affect the smart speakers that users have in their homes. Now it’s time to move away from home automation devices and focus on smartphones.

What happened? OnePlus and OPPO use a cross license from Noki.a, This license is required to use 4G and 5G. This is nothing new for these manufacturers, and it’s an issue that has been a problem for several years with the new product, and now Nokia has taken action on the matter.


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Both OnePlus and OPPO evaded Nokia’s demands to use this patent, but the situation has reached the point where the Finnish company decided to go directly to court. Nokia’s request is very clear: if OnePlus and OPPO want to use this patent, they must pay for it..

Was District Court 1 Munich, which agreed with Nokia, causing both OnePlus and OPPO to withdraw all mobile devices from online stores. Of course, other products such as headphones, watches and accessories are still available in their respective online stores.

How will the situation develop? It’s hard to predict what will happen in the coming weeks as everything depends a lot on the agreement OnePlus and OPPO have to reach with Nokia. It is clear that none of the three companies wants to lose market share, so sooner or later everything can end..

Of course, Nokia must reach an agreement with both companies, and perhaps due to the pressure situation, to which the loss of sales by the other two companies is added, it will be able to reach a much more favorable agreement for itself. it is than for OnePlus and OPPO. We will monitor how this situation develops.

Source: Computer Hoy

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