Known as the Sturgeon Moon, the fourth and final of 2022, after three consecutive Super Moons in May, June, and July. It will shine in the skies next Thursday, August 11 at around 22:36 Brazil time..

Supermoons occur when the full moon coincides with our natural satellite’s closest approach to Earth. so called fairy. on your website astropixels.comEclipse expert and retired NASA astrophysicist Fred Espanak explains that during the phenomenon, the full moon will be at 90% perigee.

this value either for new or full moonbut obviously only super full moons attract attention as they get bigger and brighter in the sky, but they can also be seen if super new moons pass in front of the Sun and cause an eclipse.

Supermoon and meteor shower

The full moon of August has a characteristic name – Sturgeon Moon –cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples and settlers of North America. according to tradition The Old Farmer’s AlmanacPublished annually in the US since 1792, this month was the best time to catch fish, the staple of food for those primitive civilizations.

Unfortunately, the dazzling moon show will coincide with another spectacle much appreciated by skywatchers: the Perseid meteor shower, which will be partially obscured by the glow of the supermoon, according to NASA’s announcement earlier this month.

In an interview with the publisher National Geographic BrazilAstronomer Fernanda Urrutia of the US NoirLab lab explains this. The Perseids will peak on Saturday (13), when the sky is expected to be filled with “shooting stars”. In fact, it’s all just a cloud of dust and debris pulled by Earth’s gravity in Comet Swift-Tuttle.

Source: Tec Mundo

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