TikTok is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s an app brimming with content that appears on every profile based on their taste and what they’re constantly consuming.

One of the most important features has to do with security in videos. so we give you some ‘hacks’ to make sure your content is always safe.

Choose between the options to make your video. TikTok make it public, restrict it so that only your friends or followers can see it, or set it to private so only you can see it.

The platform also gives you the option to change the settings later if you change your mind.

Choose who can see your videos

How to change privacy settings? new mail:

one. Create the video.
2. Tap ‘Who can see this video’ on the post screen.
3. Select one of the available privacy options.

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How to change the privacy settings of a published video:

1. Go to the video you want to update in the app. You will find their videos in Profile.
2. You can press the ‘More Options’ button on the side panel of the video.
3. Click on ‘Privacy Settings’ at the bottom.
4. Then go to ‘Who can see this video’ section.
5. Select one of the available privacy options.

“The views of your videos reflect all views to date and are not reset afterwards.” update privacy settings“, the social network stated on its blog.

Source: Exame

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