more than 4 thousand beagle dogs They are seeking foster families in Southern Elgin, Pittsburgh, and other countries in the United States. The animals were rescued from an Envigo RMS facility in the city of Cumberland, where they were bred for drug production experiments, but according to one lawsuit, they were abused.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) sued Envigo in May, alleging violations of the Animal Welfare Act at its dog breeding facility. In June, Inotiv, the parent company of the “provider of research models,” promised to shut down the site permanently.

The release of the animals is part of Envigo’s agreement with the government not to pay fines.

What happens to beagles who are no longer guinea pigs?

Envigo was sued by the DoJ after investigators discovered that beagles were killed rather than cared for for easily treatable problems. Also, the nursing mothers were not feeding, and when they breastfed, the food had larvae, mold, and feces. The Humane Society said in a statement, 25 puppies died from exposure to cold at eight weeks.

According to Kitty Block, president of the organization that protects laboratory animals, “It will take 60 days to get all these animals out and work with our shelter and rescue partners around the country to negotiate with them to get these dogs into loving homes.”

Some shelters in Illinois and Pennsylvania already receive beagles that have passed medical tests, vaccinations, and other treatments. before being released for adoption.

Source: Tec Mundo

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