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Chinese drones and robots that Russia is using to invade Ukraine


You probably remember how technology companies chose sides in the Ukrainian conflict a few months ago. No one, or rather no one, wanted their brand to be associated with an invasion that cost lives.

Well, no matter what, The Russian military praised Chinese-made drones and civilian robots for their good performance on the battlefield.which led its manufacturers to indicate that the equipment was not designed or sold for military purposes.

When a video of a robot dog with a camera and a grenade launcher appeared in Russian state media this week, many immediately recognized him as Unitree Robotics’ $2,700 Go1 robotic dog, even though it was “hidden”.

Russian designers presented at the Army-2022 forum a sample of the M-81 robotic complex capable of accurate shooting and carrying weapons“, RIA Novosti reported, having previously stated that the bot belongs to the engineering company Intellect Machine JSC.

Further, RIA Novosti described the analogue of Boston Dynamics Spot as capable of performing both reconnaissance and combat missions, as well as tasks such as distributing medicines and weapons through the rubble, conducting aimed fire, or simply patrolling.


When assembling the M-81, Chinese technologies are used, the cost is 1 million rubles. The company plans to launch production in RussiaThis was reported by the source of the Russian technical media iXBT.

The fact is that at the end of July, Unitry tweeted that “opposes any form of reinforcement and behavior that is harmful or potentially harmful to the individual“and that it manufactures and sells only civilian products.

In its turn, Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has also made statements that contradict those of the Russian state. DJI has already been sanctioned in the US and has tried to restore its reputation by suspending its business in Russia and Ukraine.


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In April, DJI released a statement in which it clarified that it does not market or market its products for military use. and was “categorically” against attempts to attach weapons to their products.

We absolutely regret any use of our products to cause harm. DJI manufactures products for civilian use only; not intended for military use“DJI insisted, promising to stop doing business with any military distributor.

Source: Computer Hoy

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