Apple want to upholster with commercial break your iPhone. Today, the ads are shown exclusively in the AppStore, but the space dedicated to the ads will be expanded soon.

In the future – according to a report by journalist Mark Gurman – Apple will also show ads on apps Cards, Books And podcast. Apple – continues the Bloomberg journalist – has already conducted internal tests, with encouraging results. One of the ideas being considered is that entrepreneurs such as stores and restaurants can advertise their business on the app.

These would be ads very similar to the ones already introduced in the AppStore where developers can pay to let Apple suggest their applications when the user searches for specific keywords (like “games”, “puzzles” and so on.) .

Similarly, podcast creators can promote their projects in the audio app and publishers can advertise their latest books in the Books app. Basically, Apple won’t show you ads for tires or air fryers when you use its apps, but we’re talking minimally invasive ads and potentially actually useful to the user.

That’s all? Maybe not: Gurman also talks about the ability to show ads in the download and Today section. If we chase the model launched by Netflix and Disney+, there could also be commercial breaks Apple TV +.

Source: Lega Nerd

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