That’s what Elon Musk’s team of lawyers asked: Jack Dorsey is called to testify under oath during the trial that will determine whether the billionaire should be forced to buy Twitter. Jack Dorsey is the former CEO and founder of Twitter and is generally on good terms with Elon Musk, with whom he shares his enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies.

The trial will begin on October 17 and, barring major surprises, should end very soon. In just five days. A flash trial based on an extraordinary situation: Elon Musk had proposed to buy 100% of Twitter’s shares for $44 billion, only to change his mind and withdraw the offer. Twitter has lost more than 20% of its value since negotiations began with Elon Musk, further delaying the process — which could force Musk to close the deal — could irreparably jeopardize Twitter’s financial health.

The document presented by Musk’s lawyers states that Jack Dorsey the court must submit all documents in its possession relating to the number of bot account / spam present on Twitter. It will also have to provide any other document useful to reconstruct the exact number of active users on a daily basis on the social network. In short, Elon Musk hopes Jack Dorsey can help prove that Twitter lied to investors about the bot matter – it’s his only chance to avoid a conviction, but even if Twitter reports inaccurate numbers, there are doubts that this will be enough to set him free. of its contractual obligations.

Source: Lega Nerd

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